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Yoga Walthamstow – Sev

Name: Sev – Yoga Walthamstow

Position: Yoga Teacher

Qualifications: BA (hons) Business Management. Yoga and Pilates Instructor. Yogaloom Pilates – London. More Yoga – London. Pure Gym – London, BAPS Academy – Istanbul. HIC+ Academy – Istanbul.

Information: While pursuing my professional career, I delved into the realms of yoga and Pilates. Over the years, I seamlessly balanced my work commitments with teaching both disciplines. This journey ignited my passion for fostering physical and mental well-being. With extensive training in both mat and reformer Pilates, I’ve decided to wholeheartedly dedicate myself to Yoga and Pilates education. I am commited to sharing the transformative benefits of these practices, aiming to inspire others to achieve holistic health and balance.

Sevgi is an experienced Pilates and Yoga instructor with a passion for helping individuals discover their inner strength, flexibility, and inner peace. Sevgi has dedicated her life to guiding her students sinse 2020. Sevgi is a certified Pilates instructor by Balance Body Pilates, offering classes in mat, reformer, cadillac, and chair Pilates. Her dynamic approach to Pilates combines strength training, core conditioning, and flexibility to help her clients achieve their fitness goals.

Further Information: Sevgi is an also Yoga Alliance-certified instructor, offering a holistic approach to yoga, emphasising the mind-body connection, and the importance of breath. She specializes in Vinyasa yoga, creating classes that are accessible to practitioners of all levels. Sevgi believes in creating a nurturing and inclusive space where her students can explore their practice at their own pace. Her classes are known for their harmonious blend of dynamic flows, mindful movement, and attention to alignment.

Areas covered: Sev provides Yoga in Walthamstow and across North, North East and Central London. Call or email now to try us out via 2 pay as you go tester lessons. We can and would love to help you learn Yoga, so that you can benefit from its proven health improvements.

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Yoga Walthamstow - Sev
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