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Corporate Yoga London – Your stress busting solution

Our Corporate Yoga London lessons can now be delivered to most, if not all, of the South East of England and Yoga really works, it is the perfect solution.

Corporate Yoga London, we visit your office & provide private Yoga lessons

Corporate Yoga London

We visit your workplace and deliver bespoke Yoga classes or lessons at your convenience.

Review: We called Michael whilst seeking a convenient way to provide Yoga for our hard working team. Having asked the team what form of exercise would best suit them Yoga was the winner for various reasons. Crucially it was something that could be completed in a lunch break without the guys getting hot and bothered and needing a shower and change afterwards. That with all of the other standard Yoga benefits was the clincher for us. Alongside the fact that our time was optimised as the Yoga teacher was visiting us in the office. It has been and continues to be fantastic and the team love it. Thank you to Michael and particularly Lela, who comes and sees us on a weekly basis. Premier Ltd

Wellness at work is becoming a key business policy of late. HR departments are seeking new ways to look after their employees and counter injuries and consequently absenteeism not helped by static desk bound body positions. Yoga helps both body and mind so use us to wind down and reduce stress too. Stress is a word increasingly associated with work and leads to a number of both mental and health based issues. Why not try us out and see if Yoga can help you too?

Guaranteed postural improvement

Yoga at lunchtime

We can squeeze Yoga into your lunchtime and even just before or just after office hours. This minimises disruption for your team and has actually been proven to boost employee productivity. There are various flexible payment options for all corporate clients. Consequently we can cater for employers funding the whole thing or a group of work mates clubbing together and splitting the hourly cost.

We can help you instantly, call or email Michael anytime for further information. One of our expert, hand picked, Yoga teachers can see you for a no obligation trial lesson if you wanted to test us out.

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If I miss your call please leave me a message and I’ll call you back asap. Either way I will be in touch within 24 hours. We can and would love to help you.

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Donna, from the HomeHealth team, has been seeing us on a weekly basis for 8 months or so now and it has massively reduced the team’s stress levels. We all look forward to our Friday lunchtime lessons, so long may they continue. This was from a private London based bank.

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