Home Yoga London – are you looking for private, home or even work based Yoga in London? With guaranteed health benefits why not try out our teachers with 2 trial pay as you go lessons.

Home Yoga London

Home Yoga London – our expert teachers can visit your home or work in London and across the South East. Our reliable and trusted teaching team can help you benefit from Yoga now.

Call/email Michael or fill in the contact form for an instant response. We can and would love to help you safely learn Yoga, and can do so quickly and easily.


Don’t have time for classes or gym visits? Our Home Yoga London teachers will come to you. Lessons at home are convenient as we fit in around you and save your travelling time.


We can come and teach you at work. Either 1-2-1 lessons or corporate groups, great fun, convenient and a perfect fit for “wellness at work schemes”.


Would you like some fresh air while practising Yoga? We can meet you in a suitable outdoor space. Perfect on a warm evening or bright morning.


Not even enough time for home visits? We can see you online at the drop of a hat. It’s a cross between Skype and a conference call and even more convenient.

Home Yoga London

Try us out, no obligation

Home Yoga London. If you’re in need of some Yoga at your work or home then HomeHealth Yoga is here for you. Our highly qualified, expert Yoga Teachers are hand picked. We provide our clients with support and guidance whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner or new to yoga. You don’t need to be as supple as a toddler to enjoy yoga or even super skinny. Yoga is a practice enjoyed by the young and the old. Our home Yoga London teachers are some of the best in the industry. We can provide personal yoga classes in your home or workplace.

Yoga fits in around you

We work with children, pregnant mothers and even CEO’s to deliver a kind of yoga that will not only increase your flexibility but also relieve stress, increase well-being and with a healthy diet encourage weight loss. The benefits of yoga have been known for many years. With HomeHealth Yoga London’s pioneering way of delivering yoga in an environment in which you feel comfortable Yoga fits in with you.

Reduce your stress levels

We all know how stressful living in the capital can be. Home Yoga London was founded by Michael White. Our simple goal is to provide leading yoga instruction to those looking to improve their health and wellbeing. The teachers are committed to improving our client’s lives through instruction, demonstration and support. HomeHealth Yoga London has gone from strength to strength and we are now one of the leading of yoga teacher providers in London and across the South East. Our teachers provide one to one yoga tuition in North, South, East And West London. As well as in covering the entire South East of the UK. Don’t be afraid to contact our yoga specialists today for free no obligation yoga consultation.

Home Yoga teachers matched to your needs

Our Yoga team

Every yoga teacher who joins the Home Yoga London team is vetted and interviewed so that we can make sure that our clients get a yoga teacher that is right for them. This means that we assess every single one of our clients needs to make sure that we understand not just their needs but also their goals. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced yoga practitioner then we have a yoga teacher for you.

Call Michael now

Michael has a passion for health, wellbeing and fitness and believes that yoga is something that can benefit everyone not matter what their background or fitness levels. HomeHealth Yoga teachers London provides yoga that is accessible, inclusive and can be fit around people’s busy lives no matter where you are or what you do.

Yoga taught by passionate and committed teachers

A passion for Yoga

Our yoga teachers have a passion for yoga and our clients and they understand what makes us tick as individuals. The yoga we teach is fun and uplifting. Many of our clients comment that they have noticed an actual change in their day to day lives after just a few sessions. Yoga doesn’t have to be about incense sticks and bells.

Yoga at work

HomeHealth Yoga London offers modern and practical yoga aimed at working people who don’t always have time for the gym. Our yoga teachers like to think they have unique and special skills to share with our clients. We, by encouraging everyone we work with to take better care of themselves, seek to create balance in their life we hope that our customers will live longer and happier lives.

Yoga in London & the South East
Home Yoga London we will visit you at home or at work and we can help you now, try us with 2 pay as you go taster sessions
Home Yoga in London and across the South East

Private 1-2-1 lessons

HomeHealth Home Yoga London offers one to one to yoga classes at a time and place to suit you. Our teachers work in a full range of workplaces, from Schools and offices through to hospitals and even the odd church. If your workplace isn’t convenient then we can provide personal yoga sessions at your home throughout the day and into the evening.

Yoga across the whole of London

We work across London and the South East and for a list of some of the areas we cover please see the list below. If you are interested in talking to a specialist yoga teacher about how you can receive personal yoga instruction at your home or workplace then call us today. A member of the Home Yoga Teachers London team will be happy to help.

We provide yoga across London & South East in the following areas: