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Angela Z

Angela Z – Yoga Enfield

Name: Angela – Yoga Enfield

Position: Yoga Teacher

Qualifications: A passionate and motivational Hatha Yoga teacher (400 hours – Sivananda and Chi Sri). 16 years of yoga practice and a qualified teacher for over 10 years. Experienced in 1-2-1 and group class settings. Classes focus on healthy alignment and engagement of breath. Teaching style reflects clear instructions which are practical and makes sense in the modern context, encouragement and using a methodical approach that is easy to follow. An appreciation for mindful holds and sequencing. Providing healthy doses of challenge to encourage students towards physical and mental goals.

Information: The turning point came when I hit an all time low with my career, relationship, health and direction in life. When you are that low with no where to go, the only way is up. It took some time but I had a calling to wake up and take action for myself as no else could do it for me. It was my time to commit to my happiness and my personal growth.

Taking the leap came with its own challenges. I had to confront who I had become and more to the point who I wanted to be – the doubts, the fears and the monkey mind voice holding me back, saying “you’ll never be good enough”.

With support, inner guidance and a big chunk of sheer determination to make my life count, I took charge and took a leap into the unknown. Actually many leaps, and now here I am ready to support you on your health and wellbeing journey.

Areas covered: Angela provides Yoga at home or at work in Enfield, East Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. Call or email now to try us out via 2 pay as you go tester lessons. We can and would love to help you learn Yoga, so that you can benefit from its proven health improvements.

We are also happily providing live online sessions please click here for further details: Yoga live Online

Yoga Enfield - Angela
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