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Our brilliant team of Yoga teachers London


Yoga Teachers London – at work, at home of outdoors

There are hundreds of Yoga Teachers London out there, some are good some are bad but how do you know which are which.

That is why I personally hand pick only the very best Yoga teachers and invite them to work within our brilliant team. Would you like the almost guaranteed results provided by the various Yoga Poses? Why not give us a try. With give you 2 pay as you go taster lessons you so you can see if you like it. We are sure you will but why not call now and arrange to see for yourself.

We teach Yoga to everyone, from the complete yoga novice, to experienced near expert types and from people trying Yoga to increase mobility to the stressed trying Yoga to relax. Our tried and tested, not to mention expert, team can and would love to help you.

Honest Point

Prior to setting up HomeHealth Yoga I was very sceptical of the true benefits of Yoga. I saw it as a kind of meditational cult type thing and avoided it. I then attended a Hatha Yoga class in my gym by mistake and was too embarrassed to leave. I soon realised that my mobility was rubbish and I could hardy do any of the poses. The teacher was great and is now a member of the team. She helped me massively and through humour and determination I began to progress. Though I am still not great, I realised that that is irrelevant and I continue to practice weekly.

We cover pretty much anywhere on the map shown below and offer Yoga both at home and at your work or office.

For further information on the team please visit their individual profiles via the drop down menu.

Call Michael on 07980 545324 for details.

We also have a great Pilates instructor team, for further information please visit our excellent sister site vis this link: Pilates Instructors