HomeHealth Yoga in London

Home, work or park, Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga

Having expanded a bit since 1999 HomeHealth Fitness now offer a number of services including: Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga in  both the London area and across the South East of the UK. All can be completed either at home, work or in the nearest convenient park or open space from you.

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Personal Training London – home, work or park visits

We provide qualified private personal trainers for sessions across London. We specialize in home visits thus making exercise much more convenient for you.

Please visit our specialist personal training site via this link: homehealthfitness.com and feel free to call or email for any further details.

Pilates in London – home, work or park visit Pilates specialists

We have a team of fully qualified and experienced Pilates instructors across London and the South East.

Please visit our specialist Pilates site via this link: homehealthpilates.co.uk and feel free to call or email for any further details.

Pilates is a fantastic system for improving muscle tone, body alignment and for injury prevention or rehabilitation. HomeHealth Fitness have long recognised the value of Pilates as an essential part of not only any health regime but also its benefits to injury rehabilitation. We therefore have a number of Pilates experts who can provide one-to-one or small group Pilates sessions in London, at home, your place of work or in the park.

Yoga in London – home, work or park visit Yoga Specialists

We provide home, work or park Yoga and we have a great team of fully qualified teachers to help you. If your based in London and want to get fit then why not give us a call?

Please find out more about our amazing home yoga service via the specialist drop down tab above. Feel free to call or email anytime for further info or to book a trial pay as you go lesson.

lady in blue leotard practicing sitting yoga posture.